Fujitsu Lifebook U904 – Followup

Fujitsu Lifebook U904 – Followup

Submitted by Detlev Conrad … on Thu, 02/06/2014 - 10:20

My initial review was written fairly soon after I bought the Fujitsu U904. Now I have had the time to use it for one and a half months in which it has replaced my university provided PC fulltime – unless I need access to papers/proprietary software that I cannot obtain.

I remain entirely satisfied with the quality of the U904 – in both manufacturing quality as well as engineering quality.

Initially I was slightly worried about the low key pitch on the keyboard – well, with extended use I have gotten more and more used to the keyboard which includes the low key pitch.

Just recently I did some unscientific power draw testing by plugging the power supply in a standard home quality power meter for sockets and obtained the following values:

- power supply alone 0W
- U904 on standby 1.2W
- U904 in power saver mode/ligh usage 6.5-10.4W (depends on screen brightness)
- U904 under load about 32W (possibly 35W with a birghter screen)

HWMonitor reports that the battery has a design capacity of 45Wh.
Given that the operating system tends to save power on battery operation over usage when plugged in, this would further confirm the quoted battery life.
I regularly get Windows to quote me around 7 hours or better of battery life remaining in “standard usage” - i.e. no heavy computations, just usage of the web browser to research topics or writing text such as this one here or SSH sessions would consider this perfectly adequate for an ultrabook which is not meant to be light, portable yet powerful enough for everyday usage.