Further Impressions of the Z10 - Typing

Further Impressions of the Z10 - Typing

Submitted by Detlev Conrad … on Tue, 02/19/2013 - 10:57

It has now been nearly two weeks that I have been using my Z10 and thus I think it is time for an update, also because I start to settle in a more everyday usage pattern.

Besides getting to use it more, I also at a down to write two longer emails on the Z10 which means I spent more time with the spellchecker and then on screen keyboard.
So where do I begin?

My key criticism of on screen keywords is the lack of feedback the keyboard as well as the lack of guidance - physical buttons are discernible by touch while digital ones are not. As a result I make significantly more spelling mistakes on the Z10 than I did on the Bold, on the other hand, the spellchecker is very good and helps tremendously I suspect that partially it is also a matter of habit, as I will get used to digital buttons and will be hitting them more accurately over time - or maybe not because of the excellent spellchecker.

The spellchecker also means the Z10 requires a different approach to typing. Type first, correct later, do not go back to correct on the fly as it is too slow to do. A difficult habit to break coming from a keyboard. Even worse, when one sees some of the typing mistakes one makes only to then find that the spellchecker has corrected them. Or would have if one would have let it do its job.
Finally, some numbers: on my Bold I could get around 45 words per minute on the 10fastfingers typing test in the web. (just one of many) With the Z10 I got at best 37 and on another test 27 words per minute, however there is on huge BUT with this test on the BlackBerry. On my Bold the test does not use a spellchecker, you have to type it in correctly, on the Z10 the spellchecker does not work during the test, hence the result of 37 words per minute is the unassisted typing speed on a Z10 - from someone not normally keen on touchscreens.

Screenshot - Typing on the Z10Screenshot - Menu on the Z10

As a result I still have mixed feelings about typing on a screen... - nevertheless, I really like the Z10. As I speak both German and English, the ability to make the Z10 multilingual is of great benefit to me The downside of this is that predictions get a bit less accurate at times, nevertheless the system works well. Not having to regularly switch input languages and messing up two user dictionaries in the process is. Huge advantage for all the users who need to use more than one language.

Naturally, I wrote this document on the Z10 from the beginning to make further use of the capabilities of this phone - or maybe I should say pocket computer. Nevertheless, I did add the final touches in the web interface of this site on a computer and not on the Z10.

Also, I might be overlooking something, however I cannot see a way of creating a .docx of .xlsx file on the Z10. While the Z10 opens the new file format without any problems, it appears as if it can only create documents in the old format. Strange given the Bold supports both as does the PlayBook, which makes me think I am overlooking an option somewhere.