Holiday Over... - And Bad News For Me

Holiday Over... - And Bad News For Me

Submitted by Detlev Conrad … on Thu, 10/25/2012 - 23:33

So, I took a little holiday with hopes that I would update and restructure my website - well, it turned out this didn't happen... not in a significant way by any means. I modified some of my pages, changed the academia section... and then stopped halfway through trying to figure out how best to display mathematics (the image version one sometimes sees is ugly... but relying on a third party service to display LaTeX doesn't sound like a good plan either...)

Well... things to do...

Otter - Portrait

I also wanted to update my gallery, specifically significantly extend it... well, it turned out at least one of the spinners (harddrives) in my Home Server went bad... thus my server is down and I have no godo access to all my photographs... there is no data loss but it is a nuissance... (and expensive...) - Anyway... that killed the "update galelry plan"...

So what has happened? Minor changes and updates to the website, but nothing substancial... - and no it is back to the old PhD routine, after a break. 

Anyway... the weather was nice:

Autumn Tree