One year with the Beyerdynamic T50p

One year with the Beyerdynamic T50p

Submitted by Detlev Conrad … on Sat, 02/16/2013 - 19:49

It is nearly one year ago that I bought the Beyerdynamic T50p for use at university - primarily to block out surrounding noise, but also to enjoy my music.

Have they accomplished that? Most definitely and I am a happy customer.

I should start this with an initial introduction into what I sought when I bought the T50p and then carry over to my experiences with them.
When buying the T50p, I wanted a headphone that would sound as good as my Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro of the Sennheiser IE8 that I own. Besides that it should also be durable and closed to allow me to isolate myself from office sounds while not disturbing others. (In Ear Monitors such as the IE8 are too annoying to take off regularly.)

This is what I got with the T50p - a durable well engineered headphone that sounds great and is amazingly clear.

Beyerdynamic T50p headphones

The Build:

Many people have criticised the pads on the initial release of the T50p - well, my model with a serial number higher than 25000 has revised pads that are softer and seal better. Many people reported issues with getting a good seal on the old pads, with the newer ones this is not an issue.

Another point of complaint from people was the padding on the headband - people complained about it falling off. This is a more difficult issue: On my T50p I would say the headband padding is perfect, it has not fallen off and is still well attached. At the same time, they have become a bit loose on the edges. On the other hand, it is notoriously difficult to glue something to metal and it is even harder if the component that you are attaching needs to be removable at some point in the future life of the product, for example when the pads wear out (Beyerdynamic sells them as spares).

The Sound:

Many recordings that one buys nowadays, even on CDs are a bit "muffled" and lack clarity as well as instrument separation. However sometimes I venture out into the world of older music, such as for example Andreas Vollenweider where (at least the recordings available to me) are of very good quality. The sound reproduction by the T50p was so good that I thought that I was listening to the sound of the environment rather than the recording and it surprised me. If the recording contains depth and clarity, the T50p is very clear and detailed, sadly however, many new recordings do not include such level of detail.

Compared to my DT 990 Pro, the T50p are a fair bit brighter, however they will still reproduce nice deep base sounds provided these are present in the recording.

Some people call the heights piercing on many Beyerdynamic headphones and on bright recordings at high volumes this can be an issue, on the other hand, this is a good point to turn the volume down. Even at low volumes the headphone will reproduce detailed and clear music.

Beyerdynamic T50p headphones

A conclusion:

When I bought the T50p I did something that one normally does not do - I ordered one without listening to it first. I read reviews, looked at the frequency response curve and judged whether I would like it. Listening to it at first it sounded brighter, however within a few minutes I got used to the difference and have since enjoyed its sounds a lot. I tend to use my Sennheiser IE8 while travelling, the T50p at university and the DT 990 Pro at home - I enjoy all of them.

If you are interested in one, I would highly recommend you listed to one first and give it time when you decide, at least 5 minutes, maybe more on a high quality recording.