Other Web Presence

Other Web Presence

Submitted by Detlev Conrad … on Thu, 05/17/2012 - 21:29

Over time I have used numerous sites for various purposes, be it for showcasing some work, exchanging ideas of otherwise making use of a service. The downside of this is that my presence on the web is rather fragmented - accounts that I use, accounts that I have stopped using, other accounts that I only use seldomly due to a lack of time. This page is an attempt of collecting some on my more interesting and relevant external accounts in one location for those who are interested in what else I have made available or shared on the web.

As this is only a select collection, the list should not be considered complete and/or absolute.


My Website at Leeds University - however I do not update the site and use this private website instead:

My website from Sheffield Hallam University on my Mathematics work (Please Email me should it go offline):


Photography Related

I use a number of services for showcasing my photography on the web - these three pages while useful cannot be easily classified into anotehr category.

Photosynth, a great Microsoft tool for creating panoramas or 3D images:

Photography on the Net, a large active Canon forum:

fotocommunity.de - German fotocommunity: