Terms and Service

Terms and Service

Submitted by Detlev Conrad … on Thu, 05/17/2012 - 21:19


All material on this site is protected by copyright.

Any links to external sites have been safe at the time that I supplied them, however, please note that I take no responsibility for the content of external sites.


D.C.M. stands for Detlev Conrad Mielczarek and is not affiliated with any organization that may use those initials.
The same goes for the site name and address, which is constructed from my first name, followed by the remaining two initials.

Should I offer files for download - for example sample pictures or images I wish to share, then these will only be licensed for private home use and exclude commercial use. Files offered for download have been safe on my computer at the time of upload - however, I take no responsibility for any kind of potential damage that may be caused by files I offer for download.

Third Party:

The embedded Flickr, 500px and scribd widgets/applications use a third party application which potentially includes services from outside the EU which may use their own terms of service/privacy policies.


Should any questions arise, I may be contacted via e-mail: Anything that is photography related should go to detlevcmphotography on Microsoft's live.de service. Site related queries are best submitted via the Contact Form.


This site uses one cookie that cannot be disposed of, a "has JavaScript Session Cookie" which unfortunately is integral to Drupal 7.


These terms and conditions may be changed without notice.